July 2014 Budget


Summer Budget ($300) – June Total ($132) – July Total ($26) = $142 left for August

As you can tell, this month was much more restrained than last month. I made several other purchases, but ended up returning everything because it just didn’t fit the way I wanted. The only things I kept were this Southwestern-print weekender and floral headband from F21, which were both purchased on sale.

I really like this bag, and I’ve been wanting a weekender for a while, so I grabbed this one while it was on mega sale. It’s a large size — could probably fit a 2-3 days’ worth of stuff in it. Though I don’t have any uses for it at the moment, I’m excited to use it on my next weekend trip (whenever that may be)!

I think this headwrap is really cute, and I really like the wide, twisted headwrap style, but I’m still on the fence about whether this trend works for me and my hair/face. I haven’t yet found a good way to wear this headband that doesn’t just smoosh all my hair down and away from my face (which looks a little harsh). It’s also a little tight for my head. It was cheap, though, and I’ll keep playing with it to see if I can style it in a better way.

Now, as you may know, August is a big month for shopping because of back-to-school, and of course that still applies to us college students. Though I will still be trying to restrict my spending, I’m taking on a different strategy for my upcoming fall wardrobe and shopping — I’m going to attempt to adopt Caroline’s capsule wardrobe challenge, which involves choosing 37 pieces for one season (three months) and not doing any shopping during that time. Instead, any necessary shopping for the season happens right at the end of the previous season. So, basically, in the month of August I will be trying to put together a fall capsule wardrobe that will get me through September, October, and November. This will definitely be a challenge (and very different from my normal shopping habits), but it means that I may be dipping into my fall budget before September actually starts, and then not shopping much (if at all) until the end of the fall season. Wish me luck! I’ll let you know at the end of August how my capsule wardrobe shopping is going, and how it’s affecting my budget.


3 thoughts on “July 2014 Budget

  1. That tote really is a great pattern! And good luck with the capsule idea – it’s really intriguing! I think it would also be helpful for anyone on an academic schedule – I know I don’t have much time during the semester to shop or even to fuss with my wardrobe. Doing the shopping and planning now seems like a great idea!

    • Thanks Anna! I agree, it seems like a capsule wardrobe would be perfect for a school schedule (and for limited dorm closet space). We’ll see how it goes!

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